BSK Sunday


Worship Leadership from BSK students.

BSK is inviting congregations to observe BSK Sunday on Oct. 25 and is offering video resources to help in the celebration.

Learn more about BSK through a video that highlights the work of BSK as it is experienced by its students and others that features a recent sermon preached by Dr. Lewis Brogdon, as well as others by BSK students Kelly Hale and Denny Vanderpool. Music by Daniel Bailey is also offered. Congregations can use any of the videos in worship or refer their members to this webpage to watch them.

While BSK suggests Oct. 25 as the date for the observance, churches are encouraged to choose the date that works best for them.

Resources for BSK Sunday

The resources below include a brief video of BSK students describing their experience with BSK, as well as sermon videos and music by faculty and students.

Please use these as appropriate in your church’s worship service for BSK Sunday.

Show this video to hear BSK students describe their experience of theological education with BSK.

Music by Darrell Adams and sermon by Jordan Conley

Both are M.Div. students at BSK

Dr. Lewis Brogdon

Research Professor of Black Church Studies and Preaching

When God Makes Things Worse
Exodus 5:1-10, 20-23

Denny Vanderpool

BSK M.Div. Student

Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard
Matthew 20:1-16

Daniel Bailey

BSK M.Div. Student

Song: Roses and Rain

Music and Lyrics by Daniel Bailey.
Copyright Daniel Bailey, All Rights Reserved.

Kelly Hale

BSK M.Div. Student

A Call to Be Ordinary
Isaiah 58:1-9, Matthew 5: 13-16

BSK faculty and students are often available to preach, and love to be invited!

BSK Fall Newsletter

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BSK Sunday 2020

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Questions about BSK Sunday? Contact Abby Sizemore at or 502.863.8301.