BSK Student Published

Austin has been with the Peace Corps since 2017.

Baptist Seminary of Kentucky student, Austin Fraley, has been published in Review and Expositor: An International Baptist Journal. Austin has taken a leave of absence from BSK while he serves in the Peace Corps. Austin’s article, entitled, “Unheard Voices from the Global South” explores the danger when Westerners attempt to include voices from the Global South when discussing theology. In his abstract, Austin writes,

“In an attempt to include voices from the Global South, many Westerners hear only reflections of their own voices, voices that easily fit within the framework of Western theology, such as Liberation theology. Not only does this give the false impression of a ‘global theology’ but it does the very same thing a blatantly colonial practice has done in the past, this time unseen.” 

If you would like to read the entirety of this article, it can be found in Review and Expositor: An International Baptist Journal. Information about this journal and how to subscribe can be found here.