BSK Recommended for Chaplaincy by the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab

The Chaplaincy Lab, headquartered at Brandeis University, is a think tank that “promotes the best in spiritual care” through chaplaincy. By combining research, education, and practice, the Chaplaincy Lab supports chaplains and provides resources for their important work. The Chaplaincy Lab helps connect chaplains and researchers to grant funding while also conducting their own research on spiritual care. Additionally, The Chaplaincy Lab brings together researchers, practitioners, educators, and administrators to collaborate and encourage common conversation around chaplaincy.

On their website, the Chaplaincy Lab at Brandeis University has a list of theological schools in the U.S. that offer formal training in chaplaincy. Among these schools, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky is the only school listed in the state of Kentucky. BSK is recommended for our M.Div. degree offered with a concentration in chaplaincy, otherwise known as our Pastoral Care and Counseling Concentration. This program provides training in pastoral care and counseling within the context of Master of Divinity studies. This emphasis enables students to take strong steps toward licensure or certification. This program is offered under the direction of Dr. Wade Rowatt, Senior Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling and Dr. Rick Landon, Adjunct Professor of Spirituality and Pastoral Care.

If you are interested in learning more about our concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling or applying for the program, contact our Director of Admissions, Abby Sizemore, at or 502.863.8301. You can also start your application here.

If you’d like to see the list curated by The Chaplaincy Lab including BSK, click here.