BSK holds inaugural “Community Prayers” session via Zoom

The Baptist Seminary of Kentucky will be hosting Community Prayers each Wednesday morning at 10 AM via Zoom throughout the summer. Please join us for these prayer sessions as you are able. You can sing up to receive the Zoom link here. Future prayer sessions will be led by individuals such as: Amber Inscore Essick, John Inscore Essick, Lewis Brogdon, and Dartanya Hill.

This morning, 14 individuals, some even from out of state, participated in the Community Prayers, led by Dr. Mark Medley. Dr. Medley offered the photo below and the words following to center the prayers around:

“On this Wednesday, in liturgical time, we find ourselves between the Feast Day of Pentecost and Holy Trinity Sunday.  We find ourselves between a festal day imaged by fire and breath and a Sunday on which we remember the Communion at the heart of all communion.  And in between these 2 liturgical days, we are broken, angry, dismayed, frustrated, and even disheartened.  The cry “I can’t breathe!” continues to ring in our ears and we have witnessed fracture, division, discord, and disunity in our streets. So, as we gather in this space for prayer and to pray, we find ourselves in the tension.  We feel the tension between the theological emphases of Pentecost and Trinity Sunday and what we have witnessed around us and how we feel.  In this uncomfortable tension, may we encounter God.”