BSK Faculty and Students Participate in CBF/KY Spring Gathering

Baptist Seminary of Kentucky faculty, staff, and students were very involved in CBF/KY’s Spring Gathering held last weekend at Latonia Baptist Church. This involvement further emphasized the strong relationship between BSK and CBF/KY. On Friday, Dr. Laura Levens participated in a panel discussing women in ministry and the use of gender pronouns in the church. Additionally, Dr. John Inscore Essick and Rev. Amber Inscore Essick preached in worship on Saturday morning. BSK student, Janine Williams, read scripture in worship on Saturday morning, as well. This is all in addition to the BSK Banquet that was held on Friday evening. BSK is thankful for CBF/KY and their support of the Seminary. It is a joy to partner with this organization and to support each other in ministry! See pictures below from this special weekend.