Brogdon Writes for “Christian Ethics Today”

Dr. Lewis Brogdon

Dr. Lewis Brogdon, Visiting Professor of Preaching and Black Church Studies at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, recently wrote an article in Christian Ethics Today. The article is entitled, “The Angela Project at Work: A Case Study in Transformative Pedagogy.” In this article, Dr. Brogdon discusses the impact that The Angela Project continues to have. Dr. Brogdon writes,

“It is evident here that in small ways the work we all set out to do three years ago is taking root and growing in small yet powerful ways. Conferences are being organized and attended by hundreds of people. Educational forums and panels with top scholars and leaders are being convened to deconstruct this complex history and manifold ways it impacts and impairs our world. News agencies are covering these events. Insightful books and journal articles are being writ- ten and read. Classes on college campuses are being taught and students are both unlearning and learning this history in ways that challenge them to see things differently. I hope you are inspired to emulate this work where you live and serve.”

The Angela Project commemorates the 400th Anniversary of Black Enslavement in America. To read Dr. Brogdon’s article, click here.