Jordan Conley Calls for Community in Op-Ed

Jordan Conley Calls for Community in Op-Ed

Jordan Conley

BSK M.Div. student, Jordan Conley, has written an opinion piece for Baptist News Global titled, “What if we all learned to breathe in and breathe out together?” In the article, Conley asks questions about how our faith might call us to “breathe” together toward a better future.

From the article:

Can we imagine living in a community broken wide open by the Spirit of God? We’ll know we’ve conspired together with the Spirit in this holy work when we establish communities where the humanity of another is more important than “the bottom line,” communities where fellow human beings are irreplaceable or as the Psalmist writes, “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Communities where Black lives really do matter and where black lung is no more. Communities where wealth, race and class do not determine the amount of air you get to breathe.

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