Bill and Joyce Holmes Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary With a Major Gift to BSK

Bill and Joyce Holmes Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary With a Major Gift to BSK

Joyce and Bill Holmes were married on December 21, 1968.

Dr. Bill Holmes and his wife, Joyce, have been married 50 years as of December 2018. In recognition of this special milestone in their life, the couple has donated $50,000 to BSK. Dr. Holmes has served on the Board of Trustees and recently served as Interim President of BSK. Dr. Holmes writes,

“On December 21, 1968, Joyce and I were married at her home church, Chapel Park Baptist in Shively, KY. She was a social worker and I was a junior medical student. We were on a somewhat limited budget. The entire wedding, including Joyce’s gown, cost just a little over $500. We drove away from church in my sister’s late model Mustang as we feared neither my 1956 Chevy nor her 1958 Nash Rambler would make it very far. We honeymooned for one night at Lake Cumberland State Park. It was supposed to be two, but we came home to our apartment early as a winter storm was approaching. We vowed we would take a bigger and better honeymoon someday, and we did—in 1995.

Theological education has always been high on our list of priorities. In fact, I was a student at Southern Seminary when we met in 1965. Over the years our lives have felt the impact of not having a moderate or progressive Baptist seminary in Kentucky. At one time we found ourselves essentially in exile from my church of over a half century.

Burned forever in my memory is the hour the BSK board was informed of ATS accreditation in June 2015. It took long years of hard work by men and women who ignored the naysayers and believed the impossible could be done—and they did it! Now it is up to us.”

BSK President David Cassady expressed gratitude, “This anniversary gift is a wonderful expression of love and commitment. We are inspired by their love and the transforming generosity that continues to flow from it.”

Baptist Seminary of Kentucky is so thankful for the support of Bill and Joyce Holmes! If you’d like to join the Holmes’ in supporting BSK, you can do so here.