Baptist Seminary of Kentucky Becomes BSK Theological Seminary

Baptist Seminary of Kentucky Becomes BSK Theological Seminary

Enshrining its commonly used acronym in its formal identity, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky will be known officially as BSK Theological Seminary effective May 15, 2024.

BSK trustees approved the change earlier this year, a move that came after two years of discussions involving the board and representatives of the seminary’s students, alumni, faculty, administrators and supporters, BSK President David Cassady said.

Cassady explained the new identity reflects both a “refreshing of our brand” and a “recognition of our heritage.”

“BSK Theological Seminary is a name that allows our identity to thrive and helps posture our school for a growing future,” Cassady said. At the same time, he noted, the name will not sound unfamiliar to those already familiar with the school. “Our identity to this day is grounded in the vision of the progressive and ecumenically minded Baptists who birthed the school and called it Baptist Seminary of Kentucky.”

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship-affiliated Baptists in Kentucky built a seminary known for academic rigor, spiritual formation and pastoral care education, Cassady said.

He emphasized these commitments continue and that Baptists in Kentucky remain a key constituency. Yet he also stressed the mission of BSK, which opened in 2002, has grown in recent years. Cassady said BSK now serves:

— Students from 16 states, who take online classes where they live and serve.

–A diverse student body, which is the result of “being invited into black space” by Simmons College of Kentucky and the National Baptist Convention of America. The NBCA made BSK its official seminary, and Cassady said work for racial justice is a BSK priority.

–Students who come to BSK through partnerships with CBF Virginia and CBF Florida and the Caribbean Islands. Because of these joint efforts, theological education is more accessible to individuals who serve congregations affiliated with these regional CBF groups.

Cassady predicted the new name will position BSK well for even more joint ventures.

As has been the case since its earliest days, BSK accepts students from various Christian denominations, including Baptists. Cassady expects that trend will remain.

“We continue to hold the same commitments and values, clearly informed by our Baptist roots,” Cassady said. “That will not change. The partnerships we have with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the National Baptist Convention of America also continue and are deeply important to our school.”