“As a woman called to ministry, my heart is broken, and the wound is very old,” Levens writes for Baptist News Global

Dr. Levens has been a part of the BSK faculty since 2014.

Dr. Laura Levens, assistant professor of Christian mission at BSK, has written an article for Baptist News Global in response to the recent news that the Southern Baptist Convention has voted to remove St. Matthew’s Baptist Church in Louisville, KY from denominational membership. Levens writes,

“I grew up at St. Matthews Baptist Church, a congregation known for pulling through a building fire and professing its spiritual fire for following Jesus and serving the world. From a very young age, I would visit the sanctuary with its expansive ceiling and stained-glass windows so tall and ornate they seemed to reach for the heavens. When I was 5, I was so happy to be there one Sunday that I declared that the whole world must come to church with us, it felt so big. My parents gently burst that bubble.”

Describing her childhood at SMBC she continues, “And at about that same age, when I was 8 or 9, I first became aware that there were Baptists out there, Southern Baptists connected to where I went to camp and what I learned in church, who denied women ordination and church leadership. Like other kids, I could put two and two together and realize that expectations might soon turn against me.”

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