Article by Rev. Amber Inscore Essick

       Rev. Amber Inscore Essick

Rev. Amber Inscore Essick, Co-Pastor of Port Royal Baptist Church and adjunct professor at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky is a frequent writer for Young Clergy Women International, a network for ordained women under 40 around the world. Most recently, Rev. Inscore Essick has written an article for Fidelia Magazine, a publication of Young Clergy Women International. This article, entitled, Notes to Myself: Commitments for Talking Politics with Care, addresses what Rev. Inscore Essick calls, using “care-filled speech” when discussing politics. Rev. Inscore Essick writes,

“…the fraught reality of public discourse in our time demands more discipline and less venting, more intentional, measured speech and less passion. In fact, it requires every bit of spiritual discipline the Christian can muster (and then it pleads for more from the Holy Spirit).”

To read this thought provoking article in full, click here.