Amber Inscore Essick Writes for Young Clergy Women International

Rev. Amber Inscore Essick, an adjunct faculty member at the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, has written an article for Young Clergy Women International. This article is entitled, “Until You Know That I Know-And You Are Okay with That: Pastoral Confidence-Keeping.” This article informs readers of pastoral confidence, and instructs them on how to keep the confidence of church members who might reveal vulnerable information to their pastor. Rev. Inscore Essick writes,

Rev. Amber Inscore Essick

“This keeping of confidence is both a high-stakes issue for some congregants and a highly difficult task for the pastor. It is high-stakes because breaking either of those confidences can be tantamount to betrayal of trust by a minister, and by proxy, the church. Or they could not care at all. And one can seldom predict the difference with confidence.”

To read Rev. Inscore Essick’s article, click here.