Academic Programs





Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy

Under the direction of renown clinician, mentor, and professor Wade Rowatt, the Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy Program at BSK prepares men and women for vocations as counselors and chaplains. The program compliments course work with extensive offerings in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and provides all that is need for graduates to receive certification by state authorities.

Social Justice

Led by missions professor Laura Levens, the Social Justice program builds on the foundational course work in Christian mission, augmented by a unique social justice focus that runs across the curriculum in biblical, theological, and practical studies. Students are further prepared through cross-cultural immersion ministry opportunities and through the BSK partnership with Simmons College of Kentucky in Louisville. (in development)

Christian Preaching

Directed by the veteran pastor and preacher Bill Turner, and undergirded by the William and Erlene Turner Endowment, the Christian Preaching program offers courses in worship and preaching, internships in local congregations, and a biennial lecture series. In addition, BSK partners with the Academy of Preachers to give students valuable opportunities, collaborates with the Simmons Institute for Social Justice Preaching, and connects BSK students to veteran pastors who serve as BSK Preaching Fellows. (in development)