A Father’s Day Prayer

A Father’s Day Prayer
A “Father’s Day 2018” Prayer for Us, Whose Country is Separating Children from their Fathers (and Mothers)
© Rev. Bert Montgomery



We come today,

on this day

set aside to honor our fathers,

painfully aware of the children

along our nation’s border

who are being separated

from their fathers

and, from their mothers.


We pray for each child,

and each parent,

each family;

hear their weeping, God,

hear their cries for help;


and we pray that each guard

and each officer

be filled with your mercy and compassion

even as they are “doing their jobs”

to provide for their own families;


and we pray …

for the hearts …

of our leaders.



In this hour of worship,


remind us that You are still God,

thatJesusis still Lord,

that the Holy Spiritis still moving,

and that You still hold

the whole world

in your hands.



Rev. Bert Montgomery graduated from BSK in 2007. Bert currently serves as Pastor of University Baptist Church in Starkville, MS.